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Terrace Gardens
In today's times, where cities lack gardens in order to make space for housing , where high rise buildings and space restrictions have taken away the garden from the houses, building a terrace garden with whatever area you have is the best solution to connect with nature.
Balcony Gardens
A balcony garden allows those with limited space to enjoy gardening, albeit on a different scale. With some floral colors, a balcony can be converted into an entertainment center just right for relaxing. Flowering plants grown in containers will add vivid color and variety to the smallest balcony making it a visual treat…
Decks/Patios/ Barbecue Area
It is natural for you to want to spend time outdoors. A nice deck or patio is a place to read a morning paper, sip lemonade on a weekend afternoon, or is used as a place to entertain guests by adding a barbeque area for an evening get-together.
Room with a Garden View
Throw open the windows and take in the view! A lush garden view greets you to get a beautiful environmental experience. If you have a constant desire to be surrounded by nature, the best way is to have a room with a garden view.
Small Front Garden
If there is one place that small space gardening should be more widely practiced, it is in front yards. Gardens provide an attractive focal point to your home and can be enhanced with a few simple materials.
Penthouses Garden
A penthouse is nothing but an apartment that comes with a private terrace of its own. It translates into additional space, party areas, a play area for children, ideal location for gardening and a lot more!
Basic Gardens
Stepping into your house through a wonderland of fresh, clean, pleasantly aromatic, well landscaped garden has a calming and soothing effect. A garden is a planned space, usually outdoors, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature.

Theme Gardens
Theme gardens are a fun and unique way to show the world your ideas and to indulge your artistic side. They are a great way to exhibit your interests and even your favourite flowers. A theme can be as simple as using plants of a single color, a particular style, a period in history, such as Greek, Victorian, Roman or can be expressed in the garden’s purpose.
Office Gardens
Having a garden within your office is really a fantastic idea with the novelty of being surrounded by nature and greenery. We tend to think of offices as noisy, bustling with activity locations, and the thought of a garden within the office, maybe even a soft tinkling fountain, is really quite different.
Herbs and flower Garden
Flowers go in one bed, vegetables in another. That's how many of us learned to garden. But there's another way, if you are limited on space and are trying to choose between a herb or a flower garden, make a Herbs and Flower Combination garden.

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Terrace Garden New Delhi India | Garden | Landscape garden | Rajiv Mehta